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July 2015

Enemies Love Songs Testimony

A Prayer To Jesus

This is a song that I wrote called “A Prayer To Jesus.” My grandpa, Raymond Bryde, helped me some with the lyrics. He is also the one singing and playing guitar. I hope you enjoy. Next week I’m going to post the story behind the meaning of… { read more }

July 24, 2015
Common Arguments Love

Christianity Is Not a Religion

Christianity or Religion? Is Christianity a religion? The answer is no. I always hear people refer to Christians as “religious” people. They say that Christianity is a religion. Not all Christians even understand the difference. Let’s start with the definition of religion. It is defined… { read more }

July 18, 2015

Eternity and Death: Are You Scared?

Quick Note This isn’t for everyone. I do realize that not everyone is scared of these. However, everyone is scared of something. That isn’t something to forget.   Are You Scared? Everyone is scared of death. Correction. Almost everyone is scared of death. I… { read more }

July 13, 2015